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Frequently asked Questions

Q:------Do I have to be a Member to get in?

A:--- Yes. Our Club is a Private Members Club, Everyone is welcome

Noting: Pre Registration For Membership is Required.

See the Membership Links

Q:--- Is there a Smoking Area?

A:---Yes it's It's located outside in a Private Area .

Q:---Can I bring a camera?

A:--- No Photos - No Mobile - Phones - No Filming

Q:---I'm a Single Guy, am I welcome at your Parties?

A:--- Polite Single Males who are Dressed Smartly, and who Understand the Meaning of "NO"

Are very welcome to attend All of our Events excluding Couples only Evenings.

Q:---Hi I'm a Single Female will I be safe inside and Outside of your premises ?

A:--- Yes, You will feel and be very safe, our Rules, are Strict and Behavior is monitored and Strictly Enforced

All of our Entrances and Exits are CCTV Monitored,and we will even personally Escort you to your Car or Taxi at the end of the event if required, please ask Staff.

Q:---Why do you ask for ID?

A:---For the safety and security of all of our Members if you do not show, or Refuse to Show Accepted ID, Entry is always Refused. ID

Q:---Do share our Information or put Our photos on your website?

A:---Absolutely Never, Photos on Our site are models, or of persons who have given permissions .

We never exchange, or share personal information.

Q:---Do we have to participate, can we just watch?

A:---You may attend as many times as you wish to Watch or Sit and Chat.

You are never under any "Obligation" to do anything.

Q:---My Girl likes to choose guys individually she has a penchant for certain types of guys,will this be a problem will other guys she doesn't choose take offence?

A:---Certainly not it is always Ladies Choice

Q:--- Having never been before - is it a "Hands-on" Event?

A:---No. Ask before you touch

We have Zero Tolerance to any unwanted Touching or Attention "No Means No"

Q:---I'm a female, I'm not shy but I'm not sure if I will feel comfortable to play,is my playing, a condition of ' your "Free Entry" Policy on the applicable nights?

A:---Be assured no one, Males - Females - Couples,are obligated to do anything,its always up to you.

We operate a safe "No Pressure" Environment.

Q:---Do I have to use a Condom?

A:---We suggest at all times that persons Interacting Sexually do so Safely and Sensibly

Condoms are available always, and we strongly recommend their use

However Individuals are Free to make their own Adult choices,regarding their use.

Q:---Can we wear Sexy ,or Fetish wear?

A:---Yes of course Sexy people in Sexy surroundings.

Please both Males and Females make an effort with your Dress and Grooming.

Q:---Whats the Best way to get to the Club

A:---Train Service from Kings Cross journey time 9 minutes

Tube from the City around 15 minutes

Car or Cab around 20 minutes u

Bus stops outside the Venue journey times vary.

Or simply Drive to us , we are easy to Find we have unlimited Street Parking exceptionally close to the Venue.

The Streets are Safe, and you will not worry about your car Single Females may park on Site.

Q:--- Are there Cabs available towards the end?

A:---Yes Cabs are available all Evening Ask Staff to organize one.

Q:--- It will be my first time. Can someone show me around?

A:--- Yes. If it's your first time or you're arriving on your own you will get shown around and even introduced if required.

Q:--- How Many couples or single Females or Guys will be attending?

A:--- Unfortunately The Batteries in our Crystal Ball are On the Endangered Species List and have become Incredibly Difficult to Procure.

So we are never in a position to answer that question, however if you know where Nostradamus is currently staying.

You could ask him to pop around and see us , maybe he could work out a prediction event calendar for the next 12 months for us

Think Sensibly, No club can answer that Question Honestly for anyone

Swingers clubs are and always will be pot luck .

Noting : Numbers of people in a club , does not make the Night

Clubs are and always will be, what the folks that attend make of them , you should never ever expect anything.

Simply everything else then becomes a Bonus.
Benefits of Membership at Ourplace4fun include---

  • Couples Single Ladies Life Membership one time Fee,

    low entry fees All Events and "FREE ENTRY" every Tuesday.

  • Single Ladies Members "Free All Events".
  • Single Guys can attend up to Four events weekly with guaranteed Entry, every Sunday Tuesday or Friday. *Saturdays are Booking Only*

    Booking Required via Text only to 07986 303885

    Q:---Your Website says I can bring my own Alcohol, can I drink all that I bring is there a limit on how much I bring.?

    A:---Whilst we allow the consumption of your own Alcohol, we do not Tolerate Obnoxious or Inconsiderate Behavior, by Intoxicated persons.

    If our Staff feel you have had enough to drink you will be refused further alcohol, at our discretion.

    If you disagree with our actions you will be given your Remaining Alcohol and asked to leave.


    We Do Not Permit the Consumption of Any Pre Mixed or non alcoholic drinks, that are NOT purchased from the Venue.

    If you require Special Drinks, please advise us pre attending

  • Best Late Night Refreshment Bar Prices in the UK, you May bring your own *Alcohol which saves you heaps on Drinks,

    "No Corkage" "Your Drinks are served Chilled "FREE" --- by our Fun Friendly Staff.

  • *Alcohol Permissions We only Permit you to Bring Alcoholic Beer's Wines, Ciders, or Pure Spirits, we do not Permit Any Pre Mixed alcoholic Drinks even if Store purchased {No Exceptions} Our Soft drink Bar stocks all Popular Refreshments at sensible Prices "
  • We operate a fully functional Adult Playspace its smaller but perfectly designed its sensual and incredibly intimate.

    Best of all we close 3am , Sunday, Tuesday, the First and Third Thursday Monthly and 5am Friday and Saturday

  • "You will find No cliquey groups here,only Clean maintained facilities,super friendly members and of course the Best Swinging Hosts in the country.
  • Standard Adult Etiquette and Rules Apply.
  • Always ask first!
  • NO means NO!
  • NO pressure - NO pestering. NO exceptions!

    ********DRESS CODE********

  • Sexy people in Sexy surroundings , please make an effort with your Dress and Grooming.
  • No - Absolutely NO admittance for Scruffy Dress / Clothes - Either / Any Person.

    Everyone TAKE NOTE

    Dress Code is Extra SMART Casual Clean Attire.

  • NO Baseball Caps , Hats, or Hoods, you may be asked to place your jacket in the cloak room if it is deemed unsuitable for in club wear
  • NO Scruffy or Ripped Style clothing inc Jeans,
  • NO Tracksuits, Sports Wear, or Dirty clothes
  • NO Shorts No Trainers Sandal's,Flip Flops etc.
  • Saturdays Guys you Must wear Collared Shirts with Preferably Trousers or if you select Jeans -- They Must be Clean and Stylish Shoes are Essential (No Trainers)
  • Fridays Trousers or Jeans - if Jeans are Worn they Must be Clean and Stylish
  • We prefer Collared Shirts however Extra Smart Tee's or Polo's (Designer or Super Stylish is ok)
  • Pictures on clothing or Large printed Text is not permitted
  • Fridays If you cant wear Shoes - you may wear Clean Plain Smart Trainers
  • Strictly No Gawky Trainers (White or stripes of Colours)
  • Sundays, Tuesdays Its more Casual Smart Plain Tee's or Polo's are okay but No Pictures or Large printed Text permitted
  • Trousers or Jeans - if Jeans are Worn -- They Must be Clean and Stylish
  • If you cant wear Shoes - you may wear Clean Plain Smart Trainers
  • Strictly No Gawky Trainers (White or stripes of Colours) NO Sports Branded Wear Ever
  • Females - Sexy eg. Licra, Lingerie, Stockings,Corsets,Body Suits, Micro Skirts, yes they are All very Nice, but Ladies is really up to you
  • Ladies No Jeans or Leggings Inside the Club Bar, Lounge or Play Areas you must change before you come upstairs to the Club Area
  • We do not accept Jeans or Leggings as a Suitable choice for Female's in Club Clothing.

    We Do Consider Fetish or "Sexy Catsuits" Acceptable

  • We have Lockers & Change Areas for your use
  • Sexy People in Sexy Attire = "A Sexy Environment"

    We reserve the Right to Refuse Entry to Persons Inappropriately Dressed
    Rules without formal notice at any time " So Keep Updated"

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