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Frisky Friday's @ Ourplace4fun

Every Friday Party Starts 10pm ends 5am~6am Couples, Guys and Gals Swingers party Ambient Sexy Atmosphere.

Held @ Simply the best Swingers Club in London, Free Bar Snax

No Pressure No Obligation, Full Non Alcoholic Refreshment Bar, Lounge , Play Rooms, Glory Holes, Restraint Areas, Dungeon Play

Always a great mix of Couples Guys & Ladies

All Events always bring your own Alcohol, Please Take Notice of Our Refreshment Bar Rules

Strictly No" Non Alcoholic Drinks are Permitted to be Brought into the venue"

We will only Allow Full Alcoholic Wines, Beers, or Bottled Spirits Only.

Absolutely No Premixed Drinks are Permitted

Smoking is permitted in a Designated Smoking Area Outside the Venue

Come Join theFun New Members Welcome but Must Pre Register online

New Memberships Couples Life Cost 20.00 per couple plus Entry

(Total Payable Friday 45.00 P/cple)Includes ---Life *Membership (*Valid for All OP4F Events)

LATE NIGHT ENTRIES~ Couples Entry after 2.30am is 15.00 per couple

Unregistered couples may Attend with photo ID providing they have a DOOR CODE

To get a Door code


First Two Visits "SILVER" Single Guys, 60.00 per Visit

First and Second Visit must be made within Two months

You Then AUTOMATICALLY Upgrade to Gold Membership cost then Reduced to 50.00 per visit Friday

New Single Female Membership 20.00 Life Thereafter "Free Entry" All Events

Existing *Members*

*Couples 25.00

*Single Guys 50.00

*Single Females Free

********DRESS CODE********

  • Sexy people in Sexy surroundings , please make an effort with your Dress and Grooming.
  • No - Absolutely NO admittance for Scruffy Dress / Clothes - Either / Any Person.

    Everyone TAKE NOTE

    Dress Code is Extra SMART Casual Clean Attire.

  • NO Baseball Caps , Hats, or Hoods, you may be asked to place your jacket in the cloak room if it is deemed unsuitable for in club wear
  • NO Scruffy or Ripped Style clothing inc Jeans,
  • NO Tracksuits, Sports Wear, or Dirty clothes
  • NO Shorts No Trainers Sandal's,Flip Flops etc.
  • Saturdays Guys you Must wear Collared Shirts with Preferably Trousers or if you select Jeans -- They Must be Clean and Stylish Shoes are Essential (No Trainers)
  • Fridays Trousers or Jeans - if Jeans are Worn they Must be Clean and Stylish
  • We prefer Collared Shirts however Extra Smart Tee's or Polo's (Designer or Super Stylish is ok)
  • Pictures on clothing or Large printed Text is not permitted
  • Fridays If you cant wear Shoes - you may wear Clean Plain Smart Trainers
  • Strictly No Gawky Trainers (White or stripes of Colours)
  • Sundays, Tuesdays Its more Casual Smart Plain Tee's or Polo's are okay but No Pictures or Large printed Text permitted
  • Trousers or Jeans - if Jeans are Worn -- They Must be Clean and Stylish
  • If you cant wear Shoes - you may wear Clean Plain Smart Trainers
  • Strictly No Gawky Trainers (White or stripes of Colours) NO Sports Branded Wear Ever
  • Females - Sexy eg. Licra, Lingerie, Stockings,Corsets,Body Suits, Micro Skirts, yes they are All very Nice, but Ladies is really up to you
  • Ladies No Jeans or Leggings Inside the Club Bar, Lounge or Play Areas you must change before you come upstairs to the Club Area
  • We do not accept Jeans or Leggings as a Suitable choice for Female's in Club Clothing.

    We Do Consider Fetish or "Sexy Catsuits" Acceptable

  • We have Lockers & Change Areas for your use
  • Sexy People in Sexy Attire = "A Sexy Environment"

    We reserve the Right to Refuse Entry to Persons Inappropriately Dressed