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  • The Party Venue does NOT have an Open Door Policy.
  • New members must bring Photo ID and Address with them on their first visit to the Party Venue


    Each Applicant must show on their first visit ID that shows a clear face picture (accepted items are a Drivers lic or Passport Citzens or Security Card)

    Seperate ID that shows your address (eg.Utility bill or Bank letter) ,We only admit persons who trust us with that very personal information to join our Club,

    Bona Fide Tourists / visitors to the UK a passport will suffice

  • The Owners/Operators and Management or Event Operator on the night reserve the right to refuse entrance to the Party Venue without explanation.
  • No Persons Under Age are allowed in to the Venue under any circumstances.

  • The policy on Alcohol is simply that you Bring your Own, we store it behind the Bar in a Numbered / Named Bin, we chill it if required, and serve it back to you we Do Not Charge for the Bar Services.

    NOTE: Only Alcohol may be brought into the club you are not permitted to bring any NON ALCOHOLIC Drinks

    Our, Super Friendly Bar Staff will , Store youre Drinks and Chill for you (no corkage) We supply Glasses, Ice, and Security for your Drinks @ our Dedicated Soft Drink Bar

    We do not sell alcohol, If you wish To consume it then please bring your own.

    We Strictly Only allow you to Bring --: Beer's, Cider's, Wine's still or Sparkling, or Pure Spirits.

    We have a low priced Discount Liquor Store right outside the club open 7 days until approx 12.00 am

    STRICTLY--- No ---Pre Mixed Spirit/Alcohol Drinks Permitted even if Store Purchased.

    We Repeat : No ---Alco Pops, of Any Description, No ---Non Alcoholic Drinks you will Not be allowed to consume them,

    Noting : Prohibited Drinks will be Confiscated

    Whilst we allow the consumption of your own Alcohol, we will not tolerate obnoxious or inconsiderate behavior, by intoxicated persons.

    If our Staff feel you have had enough to drink you will be refused further alcohol, soley at our discretion, which is final.

    If you disagree with our actions you will be given back your Remaining Alcohol and asked to leave.


  • Our Place 4 Fun enforces a strictly drug free environment.
  • Please do NOT bring / or use drugs of ANY kind on the premises.
  • You WILL be immediately evicted if you are found in possession of drugs .

  • The Owners and Management or Event Operator on the night reserve the right to request that your bags may be searched on entry to and exit from the Party Venue.

  • All persons attending Our Place 4 Fun do so freely by choice and are therefore free to express themselves without inhibitions.
  • There are no paid persons or entertainers at Our Place 4 Fun.
  • Paying an entrance fee or for Membership, simply implies that you wish to be in the company of likeminded adults.

  • Any persons found offering sexual services for reward will be immediately removed
  • Please report any propositions to staff.


  • Sexy people in Sexy surroundings ,please make an effort with your dress and grooming.
  • No - absolutely NO admittance for scruffy dress/clothes - either/any sex.

    Everyone TAKE NOTE

    Dress Code is Extra SMART Casual Clean Attire.

  • NO Baseball Caps , Hats, or Hoods, you may be asked to place your jacket in the cloak room if it is deemed unsuitable for in club wear
  • NO Scruffy or Ripped Style clothing inc Jeans,
  • NO Tracksuits, Sports Wear, or Dirty clothes
  • NO Shorts No Trainers Sandal's,Flip Flops etc.
  • NO Tee Shirts unless they are EXTRA SMART (Designer or Super Stylish is ok)
  • Guys we expect Collared Shirts with Preferably Trousers or if you select Jeans -- They Must be Clean and Stylish
  • Females - Sexy eg. Licra, Lingerie, Stockings,Corsets,Body Suits, Micro Skirts, yes they are All very Nice, but Ladies is really up to you

    However Ladies Please do not Wear Jeans or Leggings Inside the Club Bar, Lounge or Play Areas

    We do not accept Jeans or Leggings as a Suitable choice for Female Club Clothing.

  • We have Lockers & Change Areas for your use We reserve the Right to Refuse Entry to Persons Inappropriately Dressed
  • Sexy People in Sexy Attire = a Sexy Environment
  • CHEWING GUM is a Banned Substance

    Due to Damage to Our Carpets Furniture Patrons Clothing etc.

    When you enter our Premises you agree that you will not Chew any form of Gum whilst using our Facilities inside or Outside.

    We provide FREE MINTS at Reception DO NOT CHEW GUM HERE


  • Standard Adult Etiquette and Rules Apply.
  • Always ask first!
  • NO means NO!
  • NO pressure - NO pestering. NO exceptions!

  • Fun4u2nite has in place Strict Policy on Guests please in all cases contact us prior to arriving with Guests

    When you join as a Couple the Female Retains the Membership at all times and gets Auto Single Female Membership, therefore attending as a Single Female is optional,.

    The Male Partner can not attend the club on his own using the Couples Membership

    Members must re-apply to change their membership status New Fees Always Apply


  • PROMOTING Your Own or Someone Elses Private Event or Party or your Perhaps Favourite Club, within Our Venue will result in INSTANT Membership Forfeiture. If you prefer another Place or Club etc, then we would rather you attend that Place or Club than ours.

  • The Party organisers ask all attendees to please show the utmost respect for the venue and all persons present.
  • Aggressive behaviour will NOT be tolerated and will result in the perpetrator(s) being asked to leave the venue immediately.
  • Our aim is to foster and encourage a friendly and polite environment where everyone is at ease and relaxed.
  • If you have any concerns during your visit please advise the organisers immediately and they will deal with the situation with the utmost discretion.
  • If you are asked to leave please leave quietly with pride and without hindrance.
  • If you fail to do this your membership may be terminated.
  • All attendees are asked to arrive and leave quietly

  • Please use the bins provided throughout the venue for tissues or wipes.
  • A special message for everyone. (wink!) Personal Hygiene is a must for close encounters of a "Third Kind".. So... if you cannot afford to buy/use deodorants - soaps/toothpaste etc., please see staff when you arrive and we will make an announcement regarding your plight and have a whip around for you!
  • NOTES: SEX PLAY We have provided hygenic play areas that we attempt to keep clean and refreshed throughout your visit , However it is your responsibility to do your share.

    Please do not leave used tissues condoms etc on the play surfaces or throw them on the floor, there are Bins in every Room.


  • Our Swingers Parties are for straight and bisexual female activity and straight male activity.

    This formula is the standard swinging convention across the world and reflects the consensus of opinion among both male and female swingers of all countries.

    This does not mean that Bisexual men are unwelcome.

    It means that when they apply / attend, they explicitly agree that the male partner will be straight at the Party or Event .

  • ANAL SEX is Strictly FORBIDDEN for both Male and Female,s within the Venue for Club Member Comforts and Health and Hygene


  • A term used to describe a well known Ruse used within the swingers scene,a Ticket is a Female taken to a Swingers Club by a Male to enable or ease his entry, often at a considerable cost advantage .

    The pretence is that he is seen as part of a couple,however the Female will generally sit near the bar or away from the action whilst the Male takes advantage of his position. In some cases the Female companion may have been paid to accompany the Male.

    Female tickets are well versed to have excuses such as "Ive just come on" or "Im not in the mood to play tonight" if they are questioned,

    Be warned Tickets are not tolerated at Fun4u2nite. Whilst there is no requirement to participate at any Event the Rule is this:

  • If you are attending as a Couple and the Lady chooses not to participate then the male is not permitted to participate either,
    Some may think that sounds harsh, maybe it is we enforce this rule and will revoke memberships if neccessary.

    The need for the Rule is plain to see,many a good night can be spoiled by the actions of Devious Males.


  • Only one person at a time is permitted to use the toilets
  • Men are NOT allowed to use the Ladies toilets. This is strictly enforced including Chix with Dicks
  • Any persons/Couples/groups found abusing these rules will be asked to leave immediately.
  • The Above Rule is Our Private Members Club Rule we do not have Toilets that are for "Public Use" No Exceptions, No Excuses, its Simples Dont attend the club if you Refuse to accept our Rules


    We will not Tolerate Disruptive Behaviour of any description within the confines of the Venue.

    Including persons causing any form of disruptiuon to other Patrons.

    THEREFORE : Absoluteley No Arguing or Bickering, Loud Obnoxious Behaviour,Fighting or any forms of Threatening Aggression will be accepted

    If your choice is to remain Disruptive we will ask you to leave the Venue immediately


    Anti-Fraternization Policies, Never Attempt to Exchange your Personal Information with Our Staff

    Staff / Customer Fraternization Is Forbidden to maintain Image and Morale, to Protect and Ensure Fair and Uniform Treatment of Subordinates.

    and to Maintain Organizational Integrity and Most Importantly to PrEvent Unauthorized Transfers of Private Information.

    All Relations and activities are Strictly Forbidden under these Anti-fraternization Policies range from Romantic and Sexual Liaisons.

    Ongoing Business Relationships, Personal Friends or Lovers, or through any Associations which are Implied to be Irregular,

    Unprofessional, Improper or Imprudent in ways that could Negatively affect the Members and Goals of the Organization.

    We therefore also forbid certain categories of Social and Media Contact to Stem Impropriety, Unprofessionalism or Unethical Behavior which may lead to excessive Familiarity and Disrespect . WARNING!! MOBILE PHONES/CAMERAS/RECORDING DEVICES

  • The use of Mobile Phones/Cameras and/or any form of recording device within the venue is strictly PROHIBITED!
  • You must leave your mobile phone in your LOCKER.
  • Don't even think about bringing a Recorder or Camera into the venue for Clandestine Photography or Recording. Not only will you be prosecuted under the Privacy Act by the persons you photograph, you will also be prosecuted by Our Place 4 Fun.

    When you Enter, we Automatically Reserve the Right to Destroy Film or Image Recordings,

    And or Erase Data from any Devices that are used without Permissions in the Venue.

    The Responsibilty for any subsequent Damage to the Devices will be the resposibility of the owner or user of the Device.

    Your Membership will also be Terminated ETIQUETTE

  • Standard Adult Etiquette and Rules Apply.
  • Always ask first!
  • NO means NO!
  • NO pressure - NO pestering. NO exceptions!

  • We suggest you read our

    "Tips for Newbie Guys " Here

    it's not compulsory reading, but it helps!

    Club owners operators reserve the right to Add Amend these Rules without Formal Notice at any time

    Please do not Question our Ethics, or attempt to compare other clubs policies or Quote the Law on our Rules etc.

    If our above Rules Do Not Suit you, Simply Choose Another Club.

    We reserve the right to implement Our rules that suit Our Venue and its Primary Function

    So "Keep your selves Updated"

    Phones only Attended after 3pm

    Should you Need to Call or Text us you must Identify yourself with your Real Name, or Membership Number in all Instances
    We will not Communicate with Unidentified Callers or Annonymous Texts
    ::::WITHHELD Numbers are Never Answered
    ::::: Direct Voice Calls Only (NO TEXT) ::::::07906 903262

    (Do not leave Voice Mail Messages we will not Return the Call)(Always Identify yourself)
    :::::: Text Only (NO Voice CALLS):::::07986 303885

    (Always Identify yourself))